Bugs list


if you encounter a bug or workflow issue, could you please mail it to me or post it in this thread? Especially with bugs a list of the steps I would need to do to reproduce the bug on my pc  would really help in fixing it, thanks !

Buglist :

– component mesh is lowres with you generate it from a source curve selection. SOLUTION : only build component lofts from a offset curve selection (of cvs)

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5 Responses to Bugs list

  1. RALLY Guru says:

    HI all – this is not bug, but is need some measure tool.
    On my laptop, in plugin window, I can’t get some parts (and buttons) in bottom, they are in outside area…

  2. RALLY Guru says:

    hi – on my HP I have 1366 / 768. Screen picture by mail…

  3. Axel says:

    The tool is good but you are not allowed to make a mistake or delete something. If you delete anything, afterwards you cannot tweak anything anymore since the ‘tweak menu’ will not show up anymore. Maya complains about the following –> buildTrackGrassWall.mel line 5543: No object matches name: curve1 //
    I tried many ways to delete things but once done, it’s over, no way to get your tweak menu back and you need to start all over again.

    I hope you have a easy solution for me.


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