Ready for release :D

It took a month longer then expected, but I feel trackMaker is ready for a public release ! The release date is the 20th of august…more details to follow

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19 Responses to Ready for release :D

  1. clandestine says:

    I’m so happy everything is going according to plan! Cant wait for the release.
    Good luck!!!

  2. Pauli says:

    Can this program make tracks straight to rfactor 2 without 3dmax?

  3. Ushi says:

    very good news^^

  4. SuperChango says:

    Between this countdown and Bathurst’s i’ll go mad… thanks god there’s none for GTR 3 yet…

  5. Matt says:

    Is 3dmax needed if i want to make track for rfactor 2?

  6. RALLY Guru says:

    really good news, I wait it impatiently

  7. trackmaker says:


    right now if you want to get the track up and running in rfactor2, yes …you’ll max to convert the meshes from maya to max. But, ISI are planning to release some libraries if I’m not mistaken so you can compile your own exporter for Maya.


  8. RALLY Guru says:

    What about make possibility straight export (stage for RBR game) in RX plugin, I mean like BTB?

  9. Oliver says:

    Can you please create enough tutorials so a complete noob like myself will be able to build okey tracks?

  10. Steven Shaw says:

    Im really Interested in this looks real promising only a few days left yaaaaaaaaaaa.

  11. 3eyedfish says:


  12. SuperChango says:

    August the 20th 01:04 am over here… not anxious at all… 🙂

  13. ilario says:

    hi i am is it compatible with maya 2015 and were to get it ? thanks

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