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if you encounter a bug or workflow issue, could you please mail it to me or post it in this thread? Especially with bugs a list of the steps I would need to do to reproduce the bug on my pc  would really help in fixing it, thanks !

Buglist :

– component mesh is lowres with you generate it from a source curve selection. SOLUTION : only build component lofts from a offset curve selection (of cvs)

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It took a month longer then expected, but trackMaker is ready for a public release !

TrackMaker is a collection of scripts for the 3dpackage Autodesk Maya, aimed specifically on the track creation process for games.

I’ve put some documentation online with more info :

And the previous released videos which show the plugin in action :

The main goal was to be able to create a racetrack while maintaining all dynamic relationships, ensuring the user can still tweak the layout, individual lofts and props….run the exporter and directly iterate in game. This way iteration-times should go from hours/days to minutes. Besides that I wanted to make it as user friendly as possible so that everyone with a basic knowledge of a 3d package can use this.

TrackMaker was tested on Maya 2009&2013 64 bit, but should work on all Mayas, 32&64 bit from 2009 and higher (Most functions will probably even work on Maya 2008 and older though).

Pricing will be set at 5,50 euros (5 euros + 0,50 paypal costs), for that you get this plugin and support (hotfixes, patches and explanations) to get you started.

You can get your own copy by mailing me at bjornklaassen@gmail.com.

cheers !
Bjorn Klaassen

PS. Due to an unforeseen holiday communication/handling orders will be quite slow this week, so it may take 1-3 days before you get your copy.

PPS. If you have questions about why I decided to go for a small symbolic fee instead of a free release, you can always mail me about it.

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Ready for release :D

It took a month longer then expected, but I feel trackMaker is ready for a public release ! The release date is the 20th of august…more details to follow

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Beta kickoff

The beta code will be send this weekend for those interested in testing the software before release. Anyone who is interested in testing can send an email to bjornklaassen -at – gmail -dot- com and I’ll put you on the list.

Thanks !

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New preview video

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Autosimsport interview online




The guys at Autosimsport have put their latest effort online and it contains a small interview about trackMaker. Check out the full magazine at




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Quick update

First of all, thank you for the amazing response !

Here’s a quick update on the project :

  • couple of new features have been implented, like texture to curves (draw your circuit in photoshop) and animated cameras for Rfactor. Update video will come online in 2-3 weeks.
  • At the end of next month beta testing will start I think. More on this to follow !

example of texture to curve (with a seperate heightfield) :

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